About YO!

The PACT (Pre-Adjudication Coordination and Training) Evening Reporting Center serves youth 14 to 17 years of age who would otherwise be in juvenile detention with the Department of Juvenile Services. It utilizes a youth development model and works to collaborate with participants, their families, the Department of Juvenile Services and other partners to develop a plan, in which they’re invested to address the underlying issues which lead to anti-social or deviant behavior.

Who’s Eligible to Participate?

Youth must be court referred in order to participate. Services are limited to 15 male youth at a time. Youth and parents who agree to Electronic Monitoring requirements, including removing all special telephone features such as caller identification, call waiting, call forwarding or message center from their home telephone.

PACT Program Services

PACT member may expect to participate in the following services:

  • Van pickups starting at 3:00 p.m.
  • Comprehensive assessments TABE; POSIT; POSIP; Ansell Casey Life Skills; mental health and substance abuse survey; home visits
  • Dinner and topic of the day dinner discussion with caring adults and peers
  • Workouts in a fully equipped fitness center with a professional trainer
  • Learning lab providing academic support with fun, project-based learning
  • An opportunity to write rap poetry and cut digital CD’s and learn about performance from an expert
  • Career exploration, life skills, and job readiness skills trainings
  • Games, movies, and cultural enrichment trips
  • Special guest speakers
  • A team which includes the participant, his advocate and a licensed social worker and other staff, all of whom develop a complete individualized service plan in preparation for court hearings. YO! provides a 30-day transition, follow-up report, as required or necessary.
  • Drop-offs beginning at 8:15 p.m. and they are completed by 9:00 p.m.

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact Assistant Manager Jonathan Hamlet at 410-545-6953; jhamlet@oedworks.com or Assistant Director of MOED, Youth Services Division, Ernest F. Dorsey at 410-396-6722; edorsey@oedworks.com